Building Environmental Performance Open Dialogue
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A strategic approach  
Health goals  
Thermal envelope  
Building geometry  
Lighting design  
Building services  
Low & Zero Carbon  
Hybrid concepts  
Feasibility and weights  
Environmental impact  
Energy calculations  
Simulation tools  
TM54 methodology  
Sustainable Urban Design  
Information management  
Actual cases  

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      TM54 Methodology

Estimating energy loads not included in building regulation
TM54 utilises benchmarks retrieved from CIBSE guidance documentation as well as actual case studies in order to estimate energy loads not included in building regulation compliance assessments. In the same time, loads included in compliance assessments are investigated closer in relation to project specific operation strategies working hand in hand with potential occupiers, building owners and design teams.

This newly introduced memorandum, proposes higher resolution options for estimating occupancy scenarios, lift, office equipment, lighting , domestic hot water, server and other small power energy consumption based on project specific data and most up to date calculation tools. Part of this method is a sensitivity analysis of various scenarios in order to ensure final model is as close as possible to the future occupants' actual energy consumption helping the design team and client understand the limitations and the levels of accuracy achievable as well as the deviation expectations in each particular project.


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