Building Environmental Performance Open Dialogue
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Thermal envelope  
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Hybrid design solutions

BIPV double fašades

  Health & Wellbeing

How to increase comfort, health and safety of a development
This issue focuses on the increased comfort, health and safety of a development's occupants, visitors and others within the vicinity. Issues here aim to enhance the quality of life in buildings and surrounding areas by recognizing those that encourage a healthy and safe internal and external environment for occupants.

The Health section consists of the following issues, which embed sustainability actions through the key stages of design, procurement and initial occupation beginning with the initial 'preparation & brief' stage and ending with the 'monitoring & handover after use' stage:

  • Health impact assessment
  • Visual comfort
  • Indoor air quality
  • Safe containment in laboratories
  • Thermal comfort
  • Acoustic performance
  • Security of site & buildings
  • Hazards
  • Private space
  • Water quality
Each issue consists of certain features which may be integrated within a design provided certain criteria have been met. Dependent on which of these are incorporated, is the level of sustainable design impact and recognition that can be achieved.

Each health sustainability issue comes under the responsibility of a certain party within the design and construction teams and is tackled most effectively at a certain point in time within a project's development preparation stages.


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