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BIPV double fašades

  Life cycle costing and service life planning

Whole life value via life cycle costing
Life cycle cost and service life planning delivers the whole life value of a development by:
  • analyzing its design, specification, through-life maintenance and operation
  • reporting capital cost thus promoting its economic sustainability
Following are the relevant sustainability features that could be pursued:

Elemental life cycle cost (LCC)

An outline, entire asset elemental LCC plan together with any design option appraisals in line with 'Buildings and constructed assets - Service life planning - Part 5: Life cycle costing ISO 15686-5:2008'.

The outline LCC plan:

  • Provides an indication of future replacement costs over a certain period (e.g. 20, 50 years)
  • Includes service life, maintenance and operation cost estimates
Examples are required to demonstrate, how the elemental LCC plan influences development and systems design, and specification to minimize life cycle costs.

Component level LCC options appraisal

A component level LCC options appraisal in line with ISO 15686-5:2008, including following component types:

  • Envelope, e.g. cladding, windows, roofing
  • Services, e.g. heat source, cooling source controls
  • Finishes, e.g. walls, floors, ceilings
  • External spaces, e.g. alternative hard landscaping, boundary protection
Examples are required to demonstrate, how the component level LCC options appraisal has influenced development and systems design, and specification to minimize life cycle costs.

Capital cost reporting

Report capital cost of the development, via an accredited sustainability assessment scoring and Reporting tool.

Compliance Notes


Options demonstrating how life cycle costs have been minimized. These must be appropriate in terms of their relative impact on project costs, future development maintenance burden and size (volume or area) and the stage of the project.

At stage 2, could be in the form of elemental appraisals (where appropriate), evolutions in concept design to reduce maintenance or replacement costs or contracts for further elemental analysis.

At stage 4, could be in the form of component specifications including justifications for their selection.

Component level LCC options appraisal assessing types

All of the component types should be reviewed. However only a selection of examples most likely to draw valued comparisons need considering. This ensures a wide range of options are considered but analysis is focused only on components which would benefit the most from appraisal.

Elemental LCC plan study period

In line with the design life expectancy of the development. Where the life expectancy is not yet formally agreed, use default design life of 60 years.


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