Building Environmental Performance Open Dialogue
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A strategic approach  
Health goals  
Thermal envelope  
Building geometry  
Lighting design  
Building services  
Low & Zero Carbon  
Hybrid concepts  
Feasibility and weights  
Information management  
Energy calculations  
Sustainable Urban Design  
Actual cases  

Hybrid design solutions

BIPV double fašades

  Building Environmental Performance

Initiating-engaging in Open Dialogue with Sustainability enthusiasts
Benperod, the Building Environmental Performance Open Dialogue is a network of individuals sharing a passion for discussing, understanding and promoting sustainability in the building sector. It brings together architects, building services engineers, environmental & energy assessors/consultants, manufacturers, local authorities and researchers to develop and share new views and best practice within an environmentally conscious mindset.

Benperod's purpose is to initiate and engage in Open Dialogue with Sustainability Enthusiasts from all backgrounds, promote excellence in design and construction and create a Community of members that are able to advise each other based on their fields of expertise and specific experiences of what works regarding building performance in the real world.

In further detail our goal is to: Identify and Evaluate Theoretical and Implemented Innovative Solutions in the Building sector regarding:

  • Energy Demand / Consumption
  • LZC technologies
  • Information Management
  • Environmental Impact
Share Knowledge and Expertise via the benperod forum amongst Building Specialists in:
  • Environmental Assessment schemes
  • Bioclimatic Architecture
  • Building Physics
  • Renewable Energy /Hybrid applications
  • Construction Project Managing
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Building Services
  • Regulatory Bodies
Quantify & Prioritise Building Design Options regarding Environmental impact & Sustainability.

Understand what-where-when works
. Not all options can be sensibly applied in any type of building and climatic region (Conclusions based on examples of Northern and Southern European climatic regions).

Prepare sensible Environmental / Energy Assessments and Sustainability Reports


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